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to XL or not to XL – a decision!

27 Aug

Just over a week ago I wrote a blog post on how I was going to attempt to decide whether I wanted a 3DS or an XL, which was going to include a video blog – and so here it is!

As a sidenote, I will add that 1. I am terrible at not rambling, 2. video editing is hard, and 3. I need a better recording tool than my webcam.

honestly I wish I could have both – I can justify two, right?

The video is after the jump!


Fave Five Fridays 240812

24 Aug

Over the past couple of weeks I have come across some new things that I love, and I think these are all things that I need to share with other people. It’s what I like to call my Fave Five Fridays!



Connor Kenway – will you be cool?

23 Aug

This is a genuine concern of mine.

I’m a big fan of the Assassin’s Creed series. Well, AC II, Brotherhood, and Revelations, at least. The first Assassin’s Creed wasn’t so hot. In fact, I didn’t suffer through it until after I played the Ezio series and got hooked.

One of the things I fall for in a game is an interesting character. Ezio was simply the coolest. Somewhat witty, charming with the ladies, and slick in his approach to the profession of murdering people.

“ah yes, time to wind down with numerous women after a fine day of murdering people.”

It was simply a pleasure to pretend to be him.

Altair, on the other hand…


The Meow of Thrones

21 Aug

I am in the mood to share a silly internet cat video, mostly because it’s Tuesday (and nobody enjoys Tuesday). I came across this one on The Mary Sue, which is always worth checking out for everything geeky, techy, and internet-ty.


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Geekmates Cheapskates: Open Boxes

20 Aug

One thing I hope will happen with our cheapskates series of posts is that the ideas will be applicable to more than just geeky things, but to saving money in general. At least for most things. The last one, on price matching, is definitely applicable outside of the gaming world! So it’s time for a new instalment all about: open boxes!

except the open boxes I’m talking about have awesome things inside!