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What I’ve been working on

29 Oct

Geekmates is taking over the internet!

Okay, not really at all – but I have been writing in other places other than here! I’ve been meaning to give an update but I just keep on forgetting. Bad Sarah, bad!

wouldn’t want to step on these guys toes, anyway.


Geekmates Dice Fates: A Journey Begins

24 Oct

Last year a group of friends and I played a couple different Pathfinder modules, and we had a friggin’ amazing time. We infiltrated a cult, visited a city made of gold, and defeated an epic dragon and master wizard one day out of every week. So of course when the new school year began and everyone returned, we couldn’t wait to get it started again. And this year, I’m going to document the whole thing. This will be the beginning of a series I am calling: Geekmates Dice Fates!

my Bard played the recorder – I miss that. nobody else does.


CeraTopz does Extra Life!

15 Oct

I try to be charitable, and I like to participate in fundraisers whenever I can. Over the past couple years I have been a part of the 24 hour Relay for Life for the Canadian Cancer Society and the Run for the Cure for the Canadian Breast Cancer Association. These are not only fun events, but also support research and help my honor the memory of both of my grandfathers, who passed away from cancer. So I am very excited for another fundraising event I am participating in this weekend – Extra Life!

I am super stoked to be a part of this!


Metro Contest Winners!

5 Oct

Our Metro: Last light contest has ended! Thank you everyone for participating – the poster is gorgeous, so thank you everyone for entering! Unfortunately, we only have 5 to give away. So our winners are …

*drumroll please*


Geekmates Review: Playstation PULSE Wireless Headset

3 Oct

I purchased the Sony Wireless Headset a couple months ago, however ended up having an issue with my open box pair and took them back to trade for a new pair (paying the difference unfortunately). Then, 28 days after I made this switch, the brand new Sony PULSE Wireless Headset – Elite Edition became available at Futureshop. So I kind of splurged and traded in the pair I had (2 days left for full refund – yes!) and got a brand brand new pair.

I love them <3