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Gaming Inventory

28 Mar

I’ve been asked quite a few times what games I own, and I always let out a sigh before I try to answer. There are just way too many games to try and catalog out loud – so I’ve made a list as a reference! Now if you want to play together, or help me decide what to stream, you know what I have here!

Organized by platform/console, listed in alphabetical order, and linked to Amazon so you can see what it is/ buy it. And some of these I’ve actually finished!


yup. a carry-over from my gaming shame list.


Retro Review: The original Star Trek movies

22 Mar

So confession time: I have never seen ANY of the original Star Trek movies. I’ve seen TNG movies and the show, and I LOVED Star Trek: Voyager, but these original jobbies have just never happened in my life. That is, until now.

Netflix has ALL the original Star Trek movies, and they’ve been chilling in my instant queue. But. Now. It is time. To watch. … Them.

Kirk. can't believe I. haven't seen. These movies yet.

Kirk. can’t believe I. haven’t seen. These movies yet.


The PVP Podcast Episode 6 – God of the Swarm

19 Mar

This week it’s back to just Dave and I on the podcast, and we have been playing some new games (and I have also still been all over Ni No Kuni, obviously)! I also wrote a fan song for Ni No Kuni, we get into (another) disagreement, and we start thinking about planning our first PVP Podcast event! Links after the jump!

Kerrigan is cool!

Kerrigan is cool!


I really, really love Ni No Kuni. Really.

15 Mar

I talk about Ni No Kuni all the time – on the podcast, on Twitter, and in blog posts – because I am in love with it whole-heartedly. I have Mitey and Mr. Drippy stuffed animals, an Oliver cape, and just yesterday received two(!!) new Ni No Kuni tshirts in the mail. Well, I’ve taken my fandom to a new level with my latest video blog – I wrote a fan song!

one of my two newest tees - LOVE! the other will be featured soon in my new column!

one of my two newest tees – LOVE! the other will be featured soon in my new column!


What’s new, what’s coming!

13 Mar

February was a crazy month here at The Geekmates household, but now that things have calmed down slightly we can get back to a more regular schedule! There are quite a few changes that have happened and are coming up in the near future, and I finally have a second to breathe and catch you up on everything : D


this does not help the productivity …