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The PVP Podcast Episode 13 – Cream Cheese Malfunction

25 Jun

Dave is back from doing that archaeology thing! YAY! We were able to get together and talk about what nerdy nonsense we’ve been up to lately, as well as (most importantly) what we thought of E3! I also have cream cheese related rage. Herb and garlic to be specific. So good.

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Geekmates Chic Traits: A New Column!

20 Jun

Showing off your geek pride is awesome, but can sometimes be hard to do when con shirts only come in XXL or the closest thing to a Star Wars tee in your area comes from the boy’s Walmart section. Girls can have an especially difficult time, trying to make these things look cute or stylish as well, and attempting to make them work with the other items already in your wardrobe. For a while I didn’t even bother, but lately I decided: forget that noise! I’m gonna wear it loud and proud!

this is called a two-fer!

this is called a two-fer!


Not Just a Geek – I’m a Nerd Too!

14 Jun

Most of you know this website through my wife, the beautiful Sarah Ingram (née Matte). She has been killing it with this blog and her podcast. It’s really become her site, and some of you may wonder who I am and why it’s even called “the Geekmates”.

Right now I am just too damn busy. I have a day job: physical therapist. I’m also doing a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology. On top of that, I am dancing, and combining all of those things in my website:, where I talk about science, dancing, injury prevention, training, etc. Don’t believe I dance? Here’s my video:


Also, there’s another thing. I’m not just a geek – I’m also a nerd.

I spend a ridiculous amount of spare time doing online courses. I know it sounds cheesy but I love to learn.

There’s an amazing website: Coursera – tons of free courses you can take online from some of the top universities in the world.

You can take a free university level course in almost anything. Even a course about MMORPG’s… yup.

Another great one is Khan Academy: I’m rocking this website for math. Yup, MATH. I’ve been bad at math for a long time, scraping by whenever it’s been required of me through my career. But I’m sick of that feeling – so here I am, doing math problems in my “spare time”.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 12.55.49 PM

the “Knowledge Map” gives you a sense of progression with your skills

You can watch videos and then do practice questions on different types of math topics. It starts right from addition/subtraction and goes all the way to calculus! Plus, as you complete sections, you get achievements!!! I can satisfy that addicting feeling of levelling up and gathering achievements while doing something actually productive – learning math. Pretty sick.

Check these sites out yourself, I bet you’ll find at least one things you’d like to know more about. What better way than to take a course? For free?

Someday soon, I dream of a less busy lifestyle, where I can indulge in my geeky side and actually contribute more to this site. In the mean time, a post once in a while will have to do. I still play video games – it’s my way of relaxing, escaping reality and staying in touch with my inner child.

I am so looking forward to AC4 (although I was a bit disappointed with AC3), and Last of Us (which my awesome wife pre-ordered for me).

later nerds!

It’s E3, baby!

13 Jun

This week has been E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), where we get a glimpse into the future of gaming for the next 12-24 months. This year has been extra exciting, because the next generation of consoles are being shown off, which comes with a ton of new games, IP’s, and game engines!

Now, I would be the first to admit that I am not the one to detail the news. I am partial to Playstation, I don’t play FPS’s, and I have zero understanding of the technical specifications of things. So instead of trying to explain things, I’ve compiled a collection of links for you to check out, that will help you get info on anything you might be interested in!

if only we were there!

if only we were there!


The PVP Podcast Episode 12 – The Future Is Now

12 Jun

E3 is here! Well, technically it’s almost over, but we recorded this podcast on the Sunday before it started, so close enough. We talk about what we think will happen at E3, as well as our opinions surrounding the XBox reveal and what that means for the future of Microsoft. We also make crazy predictions, that probably won’t come true!


poor, squish faced, little guy

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