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The Geekmates is Changing!

23 Sep

Change can be difficult. But also sometimes change is a good thing. And the change that I have in store for you – well, it’s a GREAT thing! If you listen to our podcast, The PVP Podcast, you’ve probably heard the teasers we have for changes to the website, but if not, well then do I have a surprise for you – we’re rebranding!

we are all friends!

we are all friends!

Up until now, The Geekmates has been myself (Sarah) and Tony, with the idea behind the name being “two geeks who fell in love and now blog about it”. But as time has gone on, Tony has focused on something much cooler (, and I have started doing independent video posts on the YouTube channel, as well as podcasting with my very good friend Dave.


The PVP Podcast Episode 18 – On The Bounty dot net

2 Sep

Oh hello friends! Has it been a fortnight already? This week, Dave and I had a special guest, friend and coworker join us on the podcast: Andrew Bonia! A little while ago I reviewed his web comic for the site, and Dave and I thought it would be a great idea to have him on the podcast! We talked about Wesley Crusher, Crackdown 2, Mass Effect, Calvin and Hobbes, making digital babies, Batffleck, and tons and tons of comics with the comic writer himself! We had a great time!


Andrew made this become a thing! how cool!