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Loading Screen: SaucySauceror

31 Oct

Once upon a time

Deep, within the dark reaches of the mountain

I’ve always loved a good story.

Whether it was snuggling into a pillow fort with a well-worn book or running through an abandoned parking lot with my friends pretending to be knights, or monster hunters (or even the monsters themselves), my childhood was dominated by stories.  It was natural that this love of stories would spill over into video games.


Basically my childhood was like the Pagemaster.  Well, except for the concussion-in-the-library bit.  And being Macaulay Culkin.  And the whole fantasy-come-to-life thing.


The PVP Podcast Episode 22 – Extra Lifers

30 Oct

Extra Life is coming up really soon! Because of this, we have been talking a lot about it and planning away. This podcast we also talk about our new killer Dungeons and Dragons campaign, Diablo 3, costume cosplay for Halloween, and writing books! There is going to be a lot of stuff soon coming up on the website, and we are really excited to kick it off with such a worthy cause like Extra Life.

my Flame Princess costume! (pretend I'm yellow ...)

my Flame Princess costume! (pretend I’m yellow …)

Sorry the podcast is a little late this week – so much to get ready for!


The Geekmates do Extra Life!

21 Oct

As a kid, I used to love the rare occasion of being allowed to stay up all night with friends and play video games at a sleepover. As an adult, it’s hard to justify taking time like that to hang out with friends and play games into the early morning. However, once a year an amazing excuse comes up to play for 24 hours, that not only is a fun time of gaming, but also raises money for a really important cause – Extra Life!

a great idea, and a great cause

a great idea, and a great cause

Extra Life is an organization that began in 2008, and has helped to facilitate this really great gaming marathon for charity every year since. With the goal to play games and heal kids, money that is raised by each team is donated to a local children’s hospital of your choice – The Geekmates have chosen the Janeway’s Children’s Hospital Foundation, which is our local children’s hospital in St. John’s Newfoundland.


Tales of the Perfect JRPG

16 Oct

Last month, I posted a video to the YouTube channel of an unboxing for my collector’s edition of Tales of Xillia, the newest in the Tales series by Namco Bandai. Since then, I’ve been playing it all. the. time. It is one of the more immersive games I’ve played in a while, and so of course I need to blog about it!

I like to talk about JRPG’s all the time because I love them so. But specifically, I like the elements that are a part of the classic JRPG style of game: the super confusing story, skill trees, and adorable party members. Well, Tales has it all. So, I thought it would be fun to go into some serious detail about these different elements, and what I love so much about them!




The PVP Podcast Episode 21 – Turkey Day

14 Oct

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving! To celebrate, Dave and I got together and recorded yet another very special podcast. We discussed Pokemon, The Last of Us, online multiplayer gaming, how shitty Dexter became, Cards Against Humanity, new computers, having time to read, and the dreaded backlog. I even learned something!

this image needs more maple syrup.

this image needs more maple syrup.