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The PVP Podcast Episode 24 – Episode I Don’t Remember!

27 Nov

We are a couple days late on uploading the podcast, but it’s better late than never! We have been a little distracted (understandably I think!) trying out our new hardware, and playing lots of Battlefield 4 and Lego Marvel Super Heroes. But worry not! The show this week isn’t solely Sony talk – we also talk about our amazing Dungeons and Dragons campaign, some great T.V. shows we’ve been watching, and how addicting Blizzard games can be.

I made a meme!

I made a meme!

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The PVP Podcast Episode 23 – Go Home FutureShop, You’re Drunk

12 Nov

Things are getting exciting with the new consoles coming out soon, and so we had lots to talk about this week on the podcast! We also talked about how successful our Extra Life marathon was, some awesome Netlifx shows, what games we can’t wait to play, how silly FutureShop can be, and what happens when you catapult a 2DS over your shoulder. Jesse guests on the podcast! It’s a good thing the podcast doesn’t fall the same weekend as the release – otherwise, you probably would be getting something rather distracted, or short … or nothing at all.

: D

: D

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50,000 Words, 30 Days: No, I didn’t lose a bet

11 Nov


Either you just started to wonder if my keyboard is broken, or you’re shaking your head, wondering why I’m doing this to myself.

For those of you in the first group, National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, is a personal challenge: write a 50,000 word novel over the course of a single month.

Yes.   An entire novel in one month.


The crest of writing masochists everywhere. […]