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The PVP Podcast Episode 26 – Playing Ketchup

22 Jan

So, we’ve been bad. We said it would only be double fortnightly until we podcasted again, but really it’s been triple and a half fortnightly. And we’re sorry.

BUT, because we were delayed by holidays, power outages, planes being stupid and man colds, we have TONS of things to talk about! Most importantly, killing Christmas mice, ketchup Doritos, and the actual coolest box art for a board game, ever.

I wouldn't lie to you.

I wouldn’t lie to you.

Link to the podcast after the jump!


Be Excited about The Wolf Among Us

17 Jan

and also read Fables!

Telltale is quickly becoming my favorite developer!

I have only started reading comic books over the past year or so, and so I chose a couple titles to get my feet wet that were a) based on some of my other loves and b) popular enough that I knew I would be getting something liked by the majority of people. After consulting Twitter, some friends, and the recommended reads at the comic book store, I started with The Walking Dead, Batwoman (the New 52), and Fables. I fell in love with their worlds, the stories, and most importantly, the characters. I am now officially hooked on reading paperbacks, and have started branching out to newer titles a little off the beaten path, with excellent results.


Getting over the Holiday Hangover

8 Jan

We are already over a week into January 2014 and I am only now finally getting back into the groove of the “real world”. Having two weeks off of work, with tons of parties to attend, food to eat, shows to watch, games to play, books and comics to read … it can be really hard to get back into the habit of schedules, writing, or eating things that are not made of chocolate. I like to think of it as a holiday hangover: you can certainly feel the lethargic approach to getting back to a regular routine, you feel a little lazy, and at least in my case, a teensy bit guilty for the amount of relaxing and self indulgence that happened over the holidays.


no such thing, actually.

So to get myself back into the writing mood I wanted to make a quick post on how I plan on getting back on track! It’s all about easing in, moderation, and scheduling!