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Oatmeal For Hugs at PAX

18 Apr

Cards Against Humanity, or CAH, is the deliciously awful card game that has been growing in incredibly popularity over the last couple years. First launched in May 2011 through Kickstarter, it now has several expansions, including the “bigger blacker box” with themed box cards. It also has managed to find a niche for itself in terms of marketing, and with saucy promotions like increasing the price on Boxing Day, has caught the attention of many.

I was lucky enough to have access to one of these special promotions this past weekend at PAX East. In the much-coveted PAX swag bags were packets of PWNmeal, and inside were a random selection of 7 of the 27 special PAX East 2014 set of CAH cards. The tricky part of completing your set was now trying to find random people around the convention centre to trade, or donate, to your cause.

buy/download for free here!

buy/download for free here!