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My Potentially Geeky Tattoo

4 Mar

I have wanted a tattoo (or let’s be real, a whole bunch) for years and years and years. I love how colorful and vibrant they can be, how they can be armor or jewellery that you always have with you, and how they can represent milestones and important things or memories in your life. Or, just be something you thought was funny or cool. They can be so many things!

I have a couple of tattoo ladies that I idolize a little bit (mostly Krysti because HOW COULD YOU NOT?!), and they have some of the coolest pieces I have ever seen! I’m jealous, and I definitely want to get some.

surprise it’s this girl


Krysti Pryde!

Krysti Pryde!


I’m SUPER scared of needles though, so we will see if I ever get over it: but if I do, there are a few (ofc geeky) ideas that I have in mind.


Loading Screen: Ziggyziggz

7 Mar

For me, gaming began as a spectator sport.  I’m the youngest of four, so my opportunities to play the Nintendo were few and far between.  But that didn’t stop my excitement.  The original Nintendo was probably my first real introduction to playing video games, and when it came to Nintendo, nothing could beat Megaman!

I wanna seeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I wanna seeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Every weekend we rented a Nintendo game, and my brothers and I would take turns choosing.  And each week I would rent the first Megaman.  Over and over again.  I knew what I wanted, and the Blue bomber provided it well.


Getting over the Holiday Hangover

8 Jan

We are already over a week into January 2014 and I am only now finally getting back into the groove of the “real world”. Having two weeks off of work, with tons of parties to attend, food to eat, shows to watch, games to play, books and comics to read … it can be really hard to get back into the habit of schedules, writing, or eating things that are not made of chocolate. I like to think of it as a holiday hangover: you can certainly feel the lethargic approach to getting back to a regular routine, you feel a little lazy, and at least in my case, a teensy bit guilty for the amount of relaxing and self indulgence that happened over the holidays.


no such thing, actually.

So to get myself back into the writing mood I wanted to make a quick post on how I plan on getting back on track! It’s all about easing in, moderation, and scheduling!


Loading Screen: SaucySauceror

31 Oct

Once upon a time

Deep, within the dark reaches of the mountain

I’ve always loved a good story.

Whether it was snuggling into a pillow fort with a well-worn book or running through an abandoned parking lot with my friends pretending to be knights, or monster hunters (or even the monsters themselves), my childhood was dominated by stories.  It was natural that this love of stories would spill over into video games.


Basically my childhood was like the Pagemaster.  Well, except for the concussion-in-the-library bit.  And being Macaulay Culkin.  And the whole fantasy-come-to-life thing.


The Geekmates is Changing!

23 Sep

Change can be difficult. But also sometimes change is a good thing. And the change that I have in store for you – well, it’s a GREAT thing! If you listen to our podcast, The PVP Podcast, you’ve probably heard the teasers we have for changes to the website, but if not, well then do I have a surprise for you – we’re rebranding!

we are all friends!

we are all friends!

Up until now, The Geekmates has been myself (Sarah) and Tony, with the idea behind the name being “two geeks who fell in love and now blog about it”. But as time has gone on, Tony has focused on something much cooler (, and I have started doing independent video posts on the YouTube channel, as well as podcasting with my very good friend Dave.