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The Geekmates Has A New Look!

17 Jan

This has been a long time coming – The Geekmates is almost at its third birthday, and we have yet to get an actual logo or “look”. Brand recognition 101 is something I apparently missed out on. In the long run though, I’m glad we waited, because now now we have the full Geekmates team of Sarah, Tony, Dave and Rae! Then I would have had to do this again to add them. No way Jose.

super best friendsssssss

super best friendsssssss


We have been working with our buddy Jesse to get something cool done for the site, and boy oh boy, did he deliver!


The Geekmates do Extra Life!

21 Oct

As a kid, I used to love the rare occasion of being allowed to stay up all night with friends and play video games at a sleepover. As an adult, it’s hard to justify taking time like that to hang out with friends and play games into the early morning. However, once a year an amazing excuse comes up to play for 24 hours, that not only is a fun time of gaming, but also raises money for a really important cause – Extra Life!

a great idea, and a great cause

a great idea, and a great cause

Extra Life is an organization that began in 2008, and has helped to facilitate this really great gaming marathon for charity every year since. With the goal to play games and heal kids, money that is raised by each team is donated to a local children’s hospital of your choice – The Geekmates have chosen the Janeway’s Children’s Hospital Foundation, which is our local children’s hospital in St. John’s Newfoundland.


What’s new, what’s coming!

13 Mar

February was a crazy month here at The Geekmates household, but now that things have calmed down slightly we can get back to a more regular schedule! There are quite a few changes that have happened and are coming up in the near future, and I finally have a second to breathe and catch you up on everything : D


this does not help the productivity …


CeraTopz does Extra Life!

15 Oct

I try to be charitable, and I like to participate in fundraisers whenever I can. Over the past couple years I have been a part of the 24 hour Relay for Life for the Canadian Cancer Society and the Run for the Cure for the Canadian Breast Cancer Association. These are not only fun events, but also support research and help my honor the memory of both of my grandfathers, who passed away from cancer. So I am very excited for another fundraising event I am participating in this weekend – Extra Life!

I am super stoked to be a part of this!


oh Mordin!

21 May

It’s been a little while since we posted here, and I’m blaming it on (FINALLY) getting some half decent weather around here and the fact that it has been a long weekend. Happy birthday Queen Victoria!

I googled queen and nerd and Felicia Day came up, so she’s going in.