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Geekmates Cheapskates: Time Is On Your Side

18 Feb

It’s been a little while since I had a cheapskates tip to share, and that’s mostly because I’ve been (not on purpose) spending a lot the last few months. Between last November (shudder) and Christmas (and all the gifts and parties and get togethers that it brings), thinking of little ways to save were put on the back burner for “OMG I FORGOT THAT THING WHAT HAS MY LIFE BECOME”.

It’s February, and that means one again that new releases are starting to ramp up all over the place. Games, movies, TV shows: there’a lot of stuff to watch, read, and play. I mean, it’s no November, but the time between now and July is pretty busy, which means there’s also a lot to spend money on. So how do you juggle all these things?

yeah this.

yeah this.


My suggestion is: you don’t.


Geekmates Cheapskates: Streaming services

8 Apr

I love a healthy dose of television: reality TV, dramas, comedies, fantasies, sci-fi – you name it, and I’ll find a series to enjoy. I’m the type of person that watches TV while I’m working on schoolwork (I’m watching Arrow right now) and falls asleep to an old Simpsons or Adventure Time episode at night. Unfortunately, cable services can be really expensive, and trying to add on all the bundles to cover every aspect of your TV interests is too much for me. So today, I’m going to share with you my favorite Cheapskate ways to save money on vegging out!

and can I do it on this couch please? YES!

and can I do it on this couch please? YES!


Geekmates Cheapskates/ Geek Dates: Movie Night

16 Nov

There’s nothing I love more than a good mashup. Kingdom Hearts mixes my love of Disney with JRPG’s, the R2:D2 and Darth Vader Mickey Mouse ear hats are the cutest things on the planet, and then there are an infinite number of image mashups on the internet that make me fangirl squee.


So I present you with my own mashup: an idea that crosses my love for everything cheap with my desire to go on the geekiest of dates with husband man. This is Geekmates Cheapskates and Geek Dates: Movie Night!


Geekmates Cheapskates: Open Boxes

20 Aug

One thing I hope will happen with our cheapskates series of posts is that the ideas will be applicable to more than just geeky things, but to saving money in general. At least for most things. The last one, on price matching, is definitely applicable outside of the gaming world! So it’s time for a new instalment all about: open boxes!

except the open boxes I’m talking about have awesome things inside!


Geekmates Cheapskates: Price Matching

6 Aug

I really love to buy new video games, comic books and movies, but I also hate to spend my money. Which can be a bit of a problem, obviously. So in order to buy all the things and still be able to put food in our tummies, I have come up with some creative ways to save money while still getting all my geeky needs. And I’m going to share my tips with you in a new series: Geekmates Cheapskates!

Sometimes I feel like Snidely Whiplash, but then I remember my goodies : )