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Reading On The Bounty

5 Jul

I recently started working at an EB Games here in the city, and I have got to tell you, I am having tons of fun. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything customer service related, and I really missed talking and interacting with people all day – talking about gaming all day is a definite bonus!

Working at EB also means new friendships, and I have found that some of the staff have some hidden talents – and I want to introduce you to someone who not only is pretty talented at writing, but also changed my opinion of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull – and that is no small task. Meet Andrew!

also meet Andrew's epic hat!

also meet Andrew’s epic hat!


Dealing With the Busy-ness Blues

24 Apr

Right now I am busy. And not the kind of casual “oh I’m so busy” talk that most people have because we are all, on some level, busy. I am talking extreme busy. To the -nth degree, to the absolute maximum, to the point where I think to myself “why did I say yes to everything?!!?!??!!?!1” *pulls out hair* *cries*

This is why there hasn’t been much posted on the site lately. BUT this is not about pity or sympathy or any of that nonsense! This post is about how I’m managing to stay sane through all of this!

a fact I am very much aware of these past months

a fact I am very much aware of these past months


Comic Review: Zombie Hi!

4 Feb

I was contacted by Uproar Comics a little over a week ago asking if I was interested in taking a look and reviewing their comic series, to which I replied: of course! I love finding a new series, I friggin’ die for zombies, and I love to help bring any exposure to a smaller or newer collaboration of people as I can!

zombie on zombie horseback?! SOLD.

zombie on zombie horseback?! SOLD.


Geekmates Cheapskates: Free Comics?!

12 Sep

A love for comics can be an expensive one, especially considering some comic storylines span decades and have countless spinoffs. Figuring out where you want to start and how much you’ll like a series shouldn’t have to cost a lot, but if you are buying a comic here and there to try them out, it can be! I don’t like to spend money if I don’t have to, so I’ve come up with some ideas to help you get your feet wet in comics without breaking the bank!

you’ll be swimming in all the savings!


Greyman review

10 Sep

I’m always on the lookout for new comics to read, and recently came across one on Amazon that got me a little excited – the writer is a friend of mine! Glenn and I both took archaeology courses together a few years back, and when I came across his comic I was very excited for him. He is one of the ambitious few who make a life change and follow a true passion, and I couldn’t be happier for him!

Taking advantage of my connection I sent him a message and asked if I could get it directly from him so I could blog about it, and he did me one better – a digital copy! Paper copy is en route however, as you know I love to hold things in my hands, fan the pages, and add to my collection!

another iPad justification – yesssss