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Geekmates Halloween!

1 Nov

It is Halloween, and of course Tony and I dressed up for the occasion! We have been talking about dressing up as a specific famous couple since we met, and finally this year I got into gear early enough to make make it happen! They are from my favorite Disney movie – I know every song including the ones that came on a special cassette of songs NOT in the movie – and Tony and I look like then a little itty bitty bit (I have Native ancestry, and Tony is a super white guy). You probably guessed it by now – Pocahontas and John Smith!

I looked at Tony like this when we first met, too.


London LARPing

1 Jul

I’m a HUUUGE fan of roleplaying: I’ve been in countless plays and musicals, I gravitate towards RPG video games, and am regularly a half-elf alchemist or gnome druid in Dungeons and Dragons campaigns with my other RPG loving friends. And while I haven’t done much of it, I love watching live action role playing, especially when it is incorporated into tourist attractions.

and once, I was Napoleon.