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Geekmates DIY – Perler Beads

11 Mar

I’m what I like to call a “casual crafter”. I love to make things, but I don’t have too much time or talent, so I don’t get really involved in big projects. I leave those to mom. But there are a bunch of different DIY’s and crafty things that I can get a handle on – and perler beads are one of them.

I’m sure you’ve seen these before: little pixelated Links, Pokeballs and Mega Mans melted all together at cons, craft fairs and online. But did you know that A) they are super easy to do yourself and B) cost like, next to nothing?



If I can do it – you can! And I’ll tell you how you can get started really quick : )


Geekmates DIY – Headbands

8 Mar

I always see the cutest DIY geeky accessories and toys on Twitter, Pinterest and Etsy, and think to myself “I could totally do that” but never do. I always want to – it’s super cheap to do it yourself, much more personal and meaningful, and most of all, fun to do and personalize!

I wish I could crochet - SQUEEE!

I wish I could crochet – SQUEEE!