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Portal 2 First Timer

20 Mar

This article is part of a new series that I am currently writing for The Mary Sue called Late To The Game, where I play games on my backlog list that are voted on by the readers! I will be posting them here on The Geekmates after the fact, so make sure you follow The Mary Sue so you can vote on the games I will be playing next!

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Next up on my shameful, shameful catch up of games I didn’t play is Portal 2, chosen by you, dear readers and best of friends, and can I just say you have not disappointed me so far. And I have very much disappointed myself – what honestly took me so long?!


The Nintendo Mobile Games I Want To See

18 Mar

I’m sure we all heard the news that was announced yesterday: Nintendo has announced that they are teaming up with DeNA, one of Japan’s leading mobile companies, to start bringing some of our favourite franchises to our smartphones and tablets. This is something fans have been hoping would happen for years, and as Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata said in the presentation with DeNA,


“Nintendo has decided to utilize smart devices aggressively … now that smart devices have grown to become the window for so many people to personally connect with society, it would be a waste not to use these devices.”

it's a-meeee! In your a-phone!

it’s a-meeee! In your a-phone!


To which the world said, “FINALLY!”


Video Games Liveeeeeeeee!

16 Mar

There is something amazing and memorable about video game music. From 8-bit tracks to full on orchestral compositions, they can really affect your game, and your experience with it. I honestly love it, and listen to soundtracks from my favorite games on a regular basis: Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Age top the list for me.

one of my favorite soundtracks <3

one of my favorite soundtracks <3


I also REALLY love live music and symphonies. I was a super band nerd growing up (first clarinet, flute, and piccolo wwhhaaaaatt) and can’t resist it (or opera – but we will get to that). So last July when it was announced that Video Games Live was FINALLY coming to the Maritimes, I couldn’t pass up the chance to see it!

And oh man was is awesome!


The Geekmates Game – March

13 Mar

Now that it’s March things have finally started to pick up again in the gaming department, and we here at the Geekmates have been keeping busy! Ironically, with nothing that technically came out this year …

what in the hell is this dude playing?

what in the hell is this dude playing?


But still! We thought it would be nice to share every month what we’re currently playing, and what we’re looking forward to, in The Geekmates Game!


Who Needs Time To Play Video Games?

6 Mar

Like the rest of the world, I am a busy person. Two jobs, a graduate thesis, websites to write and edit for, a house to take care of, and somehow I fit in some semblance of a social life from time to time. Well, kinda.

So, also finding time to play games can be difficult. Even though it’s something that I love to do and I want to do (and should be doing for some reviews *coughcough*), being able to play games (especially without guilt) can be hard to fit in. But there are a few tricks I have to help me get more games into my schedule, without feeling guilty about doing it.

I need a shirt that says "I'd rather be gaming" and I can wear it everywhere

I need a shirt that says “I’d rather be gaming” and I can wear it everywhere


Or, you could quit your jobs, move home and just play all the things.

That actually doesn’t sound too bad.