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50,000 Words, 30 Days: No, I didn’t lose a bet

11 Nov


Either you just started to wonder if my keyboard is broken, or you’re shaking your head, wondering why I’m doing this to myself.

For those of you in the first group, National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, is a personal challenge: write a 50,000 word novel over the course of a single month.

Yes.   An entire novel in one month.


The crest of writing masochists everywhere. […]

Dealing With the Busy-ness Blues

24 Apr

Right now I am busy. And not the kind of casual “oh I’m so busy” talk that most people have because we are all, on some level, busy. I am talking extreme busy. To the -nth degree, to the absolute maximum, to the point where I think to myself “why did I say yes to everything?!!?!??!!?!1” *pulls out hair* *cries*

This is why there hasn’t been much posted on the site lately. BUT this is not about pity or sympathy or any of that nonsense! This post is about how I’m managing to stay sane through all of this!

a fact I am very much aware of these past months

a fact I am very much aware of these past months


Geekmates Cheapskates: Streaming services

8 Apr

I love a healthy dose of television: reality TV, dramas, comedies, fantasies, sci-fi – you name it, and I’ll find a series to enjoy. I’m the type of person that watches TV while I’m working on schoolwork (I’m watching Arrow right now) and falls asleep to an old Simpsons or Adventure Time episode at night. Unfortunately, cable services can be really expensive, and trying to add on all the bundles to cover every aspect of your TV interests is too much for me. So today, I’m going to share with you my favorite Cheapskate ways to save money on vegging out!

and can I do it on this couch please? YES!

and can I do it on this couch please? YES!


Backlog Update Two: Gaming Shame and Netflix

1 Apr

So like 98% of the people on this planet, I have fallen very slack with both keeping up with my New Years resolution to work on my backlog of things, and keeping the updates coming. But fear not! I have made a little bit of progress since my first update on *ahem* January 7th.


Photo on 2013-04-01 at 11.59 AM

I can’t live with myself.


Retro Review: The original Star Trek movies

22 Mar

So confession time: I have never seen ANY of the original Star Trek movies. I’ve seen TNG movies and the show, and I LOVED Star Trek: Voyager, but these original jobbies have just never happened in my life. That is, until now.

Netflix has ALL the original Star Trek movies, and they’ve been chilling in my instant queue. But. Now. It is time. To watch. … Them.

Kirk. can't believe I. haven't seen. These movies yet.

Kirk. can’t believe I. haven’t seen. These movies yet.