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The PVP Podcast Episode 49 – Gotta Catch Em All

9 Mar

Or the alternate title, “You Don’t Want Poo Particles On Your Manga”. You definitely don’t want that.

Or do you?


this ... is creepier than I thought it would be

this … is creepier than I thought it would be


This week we talk about Dragonball in all its forms, cool new reads with creepy pictures, sexy libraries, rage games, and the next board game you should be playing. Follow us on ALL THE THINGS!!


The PVP Podcast Episode 48 – Is Bigger Better?

23 Feb

You know the best way to start a podcast? Talking about farts. True fact.

The nice thing about farts is that everybody has them, and they are super funny.

This week Dave and I talked about Destiny, cheating the parking ticket system, paying for entertainment (or not), the intense Dragonball Z wet dream that is Asura’s Wrath, and Jupiter Ascending. Oh my god, Jupiter Ascending.

Sean Beeeeeeeen

Sean Beeeeeeeen


Seriously, see this movie. There is so much whisper yelling and falling and bees and space boots and shirtless Channing Tatum and soylent green goodness. You will not be disappoint. No.


The PVP Podcast Episode 47 – Stupid, Sexy, Flanders

11 Feb

Off the rails pretty much immediately, but do you expect anything more from us? You shouldn’t. You should know us by now. That’s on you.

Thank you Charlotte!

Thank you Charlotte!



We chat about DAI (but only a little we promise), stupid TV, peeing on our graduate degrees, and Greek side scrollers. I also get an adorable surprise from the biggest Zelda fan in Nova Scotia (see it above? she is amazing!) and we bitch about idiots at work. For our main topic, we discuss game delays: which ones have been delayed, why, and what we think about it.

And email us goddammit. We crave your questions!


The PVP Podcast Episode 46 – The Inquisitor’s Summit

26 Jan


It’s been a little while, yes we know, but with Christmas and some family things and of course playing Dragon Age Inquisition (sometimes for the FIFTH time Ness, you crazy), it’s been busy. There was also no time to catch up because today is all about DRAGON AGEEEEEEEE!



We are also super lucky to have our friend Ness join us! We all met online and then got to be beer drinking best friends at PAX East 2014 – we met in the Bioware room, to be exact, which is pretty much perfect for our friendship.

SO, non-Dragon Age lovers beware: this episode is full of it.


The PVP Podcast Episode 45 – Ness is in Big, Big Trouble

16 Jan

It’s kinda around the two year anniversary mark for us! WOOO! (We actually don’t remember the first time we started but it was Christmas-y for sure). This episode we talk about Dragon Age and how not to do the Hinterlands, some cool new shows we’ve been watching, GIS’ing, and cool new table top art fun times. We also shame Ness, because honestly Ness, what’s going on with you lately. CahmAAANNNNNNN.


how I felt leaving the Hinterlands


As our main topic, we talk about gift giving for the holiday season (so mom if you’re listening, you know what to do). Links, podcast and all that jazz after the break!