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Kickstarting Rogues to Riches

12 Aug

Last night I decided to venture down to the Board Room Cafe for the first time. I had noticed on their Facebook group that there was a board game Kickstarter launch party happening, and after reading about the game, thought it seemed right up my alley and headed over.

Oh man, was I right.

cool new updated logo

cool new updated logo

I got a chance to talk to Sam Fraser and Julianne Harnish, the creator and the artistic talent behind the game, at the Kickstarter launch party, as well as play a few rounds myself! Keep reading for more!


Geekmates Dice Fates: A Journey Begins

24 Oct

Last year a group of friends and I played a couple different Pathfinder modules, and we had a friggin’ amazing time. We infiltrated a cult, visited a city made of gold, and defeated an epic dragon and master wizard one day out of every week. So of course when the new school year began and everyone returned, we couldn’t wait to get it started again. And this year, I’m going to document the whole thing. This will be the beginning of a series I am calling: Geekmates Dice Fates!

my Bard played the recorder – I miss that. nobody else does.