The PVP Podcast Episode 49 – Gotta Catch Em All

9 Mar

Or the alternate title, “You Don’t Want Poo Particles On Your Manga”. You definitely don’t want that.

Or do you?


this ... is creepier than I thought it would be

this … is creepier than I thought it would be


This week we talk about Dragonball in all its forms, cool new reads with creepy pictures, sexy libraries, rage games, and the next board game you should be playing. Follow us on ALL THE THINGS!!


Who Needs Time To Play Video Games?

6 Mar

Like the rest of the world, I am a busy person. Two jobs, a graduate thesis, websites to write and edit for, a house to take care of, and somehow I fit in some semblance of a social life from time to time. Well, kinda.

So, also finding time to play games can be difficult. Even though it’s something that I love to do and I want to do (and should be doing for some reviews *coughcough*), being able to play games (especially without guilt) can be hard to fit in. But there are a few tricks I have to help me get more games into my schedule, without feeling guilty about doing it.

I need a shirt that says "I'd rather be gaming" and I can wear it everywhere

I need a shirt that says “I’d rather be gaming” and I can wear it everywhere


Or, you could quit your jobs, move home and just play all the things.

That actually doesn’t sound too bad.


My Potentially Geeky Tattoo

4 Mar

I have wanted a tattoo (or let’s be real, a whole bunch) for years and years and years. I love how colorful and vibrant they can be, how they can be armor or jewellery that you always have with you, and how they can represent milestones and important things or memories in your life. Or, just be something you thought was funny or cool. They can be so many things!

I have a couple of tattoo ladies that I idolize a little bit (mostly Krysti because HOW COULD YOU NOT?!), and they have some of the coolest pieces I have ever seen! I’m jealous, and I definitely want to get some.

surprise it’s this girl


Krysti Pryde!

Krysti Pryde!


I’m SUPER scared of needles though, so we will see if I ever get over it: but if I do, there are a few (ofc geeky) ideas that I have in mind.


Tomb Raider First Timer

25 Feb

This article is part of a new series that I am currently writing for The Mary Sue called Late To The Game, where I play games on my backlog list that are voted on by the readers! I will be posting them here on The Geekmates after the fact, so make sure you follow The Mary Sue so you can vote on the games I will be playing next!

(You can see the original post here)




I was so excited to finally play this. As a woman and an archaeologist, I couldn’t wait to see what Crystal Dynamics had done to freshen up the old franchise. I had high hopes.


The ONLY Power Rangers Reboot I Ever Needed

24 Feb

Do you remember Power Rangers? Of course you do! Who didn’t shout “It’s Morphin’ Time” along with Kimberly, Zach and Jason Saturday mornings. I did. You did. We all did.

Well, this Power Rangers is the exact opposite of that. But HOLY HELL IN A HANDBASKET is it amazing. Joseph Kahn directs the likes of Katee Sackhoff and James Van Der Beek in what can only be described as the best thing to happen to me all week.




This is like Tarantino meets Point Break meets Machete kinda?. I’m shaking.