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26 Nov

Over the last six months or so I have really been digging listening to podcasts. It gives me the opportunity to catch up on my video game news and hear what other people’s opinions are while I’m driving, doing errands or running. Now with the new dedicated Apple podcast app it’s even easier to keep them organized, as well as find new ones similar to the ones I already have. Getting started in finding what podcasts you’ll enjoy can seem a little daunting with the scale of available ones that are out there, so I’ve come up with a few guidelines to help you get started.

screenshot of a couple of my favorite podcasts <3

1. Check out businesses you like

A lot of video game and comic book websites also have their own podcasts. If you frequent a site like IGN, for example, then a good place to start would be with one of their podcasts. Podcast Beyond (PS3), Unlocked (XBox 360) and Nintendo Video Chat, or NVC, are all on my playlist, which focus on specific consoles. Game Scoop looks at all consoles top news at the end of each week, which is also a weekend go-to for me. Another one I listen to is The Geekbox, and they talk about everything from games, to comics, to movies and shows. If you typically go to a certain site or business for your geeky fix, then there’s a good chance that you’ll enjoy a podcast associated with them as well. From there, you can check out other podcasts they suggest or ones that appear as similar in iTunes.

2. Turn to Twitter

If you have Twitter (and you should because it’s an amazing platform of social media) then look out for people you’re following and see what they retweet or even star in. By looking into what people with similar interests are listening to, or even what they are hosting or guests on, you have a good chance of finding a podcast that fits your interests. I came across Vic’s Basement through Twitter – it’s Canadian by the Reviews on the Run boys, and I love their back and forth banter tremendously. You could also consider tweeting to your followers and asking for suggestions. Sometimes podcast titles are misleading – by asking you could find a gem!


3. Try using the search

If you are really having a hard time finding podcasts that a from other media sites you already frequent, then try using the search on iTunes.  Try going for general terms that relate to what you want: “geek”, “gaming” “comics”, or even something wide like “entertainment” or “fantasy” (although be careful with that last one). While taking this approach will take a bit more time to find something you’ll like, it’s a place to start if you don’t really know where to go. Eventually you’ll find a great one, and then you can subscribe and look for similar or recommended ones from there. Soon you’ll have a full library of podcasts to subscribe to, so they arrive straight to your iTunes!

Finding podcasts that you really enjoy can be a little trial and error. If you’re looking for a first place to start, I would recommend you check out the IGN podcasts (depending on what platforms you love), The Geek Effect (I was a guest on Ep. 42!) or the Fire Everything podcast (these guys are vulgar, funny, and argumentative – what else could you want?)

You could also check out my brand new podcast – the PVP Podcast! My buddy Dave and I just started out, so until we can get iTunes to love us you can find the link below ;)

Until next time!

CeraTopz (@Cerajoy)

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