The Geekmates Game – March

13 Mar

Now that it’s March things have finally started to pick up again in the gaming department, and we here at the Geekmates have been keeping busy! Ironically, with nothing that technically came out this year …

what in the hell is this dude playing?

what in the hell is this dude playing?


But still! We thought it would be nice to share every month what we’re currently playing, and what we’re looking forward to, in The Geekmates Game!


The last few weeks I have been playing Asura’s Wrath for The Mary Sue (will be up March 16th!) and so I won’t talk about it here – you can check it out there when it’s up! I also have been playing a lot of Pokemon Shuffle, a free Candy Crush-esque game on the 3DS. It’s really fun, adding the puzzle game to the expected “gotta catch ’em all” mindset of the original franchise games. I find myself replaying lots of levels trying to catch the ones I missed, although I refuse to spend real money on being allowed to play more. No way Jose!




I am really excited for two upcoming titles:  Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and the Borderlands Handsome Collection. Final Fantasy because, well, Final Fantasy, and it’s my first big JRPG on the PS4. Borderlands because it’s a big friendship game for me and the Radio Playstation crew, and I held out on the Pre-Sequel because I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN.

Genius, is me.


Dave has still been playing a lot of Destiny, although he’s slowed down a little bit to focus on his thesis, because he is good. Or to play more Dragon Ball Zenoverse. Which is also okay. We accept you Dave – Trunks needs help with time, and you can give it to him! If you are a fan of the DBZ universe, you definitely want to check this one out – you can really customize your character, the story is fun and makes sense, and the combat is reeeallllyyyy satisfying.

HADOUKEN! (.....kidding!)

HADOUKEN! (…..kidding!)


The next thing Dave is stoked to get his hands on is The Witcher 3. Originally supposed to be out by now (and also last year maybe?) we’re all hoping that this means we’re going to get a super polished, well thought out game. It’ll be a nice time away from Dragon Age Inquisition, and time for another big world to get lost in.

Also it’ll be AFTER thesis is done (fingers crossed!).


If there’s one thing we know Rae likes, it’s MMO’s, so it should come as no surprise that she is playing a lot of Guild Wars 2 right now. This is a great one, however, because there is no monthly fee (sweet!) and it was 75% off during PAX East 2015. Yup, that’s good. We all picked it up, in fact, and once someone (ahem it’s me) clears enough space off their computer for the install, Rae will be joined in THE LAND OF GUILD WARS (I don’t know the lore)!

the dragon is a 2!

the dragon is a 2!


Rae isn’t really looking forward to anything specific right now, but we can’t blame her. Guild Wars has ample to do ; )


Poor Tony. He is in the middle of “last month of the semester of the toughest year of his phd” hell, and so doesn’t get to play too much. But, he has been playing a little Assassins Creed (Unity DLC and Rogue!) and I just picked up Grand Theft Auto V for him, again, on the PS4. He can’t get enough of it!




If there’s one thing Tony is excited to play (in April) it’s The Order: 1886. It’s right up his alley: historical feeling, steampunk-y, cover based shooting with QTE’s – but we both think it’s not really worth it to spend so much on something he can only pick at, when sadly it will probably have a sale in the next month or so. Which is too bad.

What are you playing this month? And what are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments – maybe you can inspire some of us!

Until next time!

CeraTopz (@Cerajoy)

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