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29 Oct

Geekmates is taking over the internet!

Okay, not really at all – but I have been writing in other places other than here! I’ve been meaning to give an update but I just keep on forgetting. Bad Sarah, bad!

wouldn’t want to step on these guys toes, anyway.

Starting in September, I began writing for gamingangels.com, which has been an amazing opportunity to work with some great lady writers in the industry. My column is called “Easy Mode”, and I focus on the perspective of a terrible gamer in the gaming industry. I think it’s a neat, new approach to gaming writing – typically journalists in the industry want to be considered the best, and not admit they aren’t pro at the niche they focus on. I am not very good, at all, but my skill level does not match my love for video games and the community surrounding them. These are what I’ve written over the past two months:

Easy Mode: Changing the Game

Easy Mode: My First Platinum

Easy Mode: Strength in Numbers

Easy Mode: To Guide or Not To Guide

Easy Mode: Legitimizing Your Passion

Easy Mode: A Shooter Complex

Easy Mode: “Kids” Games

Easy Mode: Preparing for Sequels

I also have been picking up a couple game reviews at Gaming Angels, including Borderlands 2 and Dance Central 3 so far. This has been my first attempt at writing reviews; so far I’ve really been enjoying it! I like the pressure to finish a game, as well as play it near it’s release time, and so far have been assigned some fantastic games – I dread when I get a dud. Next review will be Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask however, so I don’t think that dud is too close in the future!

Last, I posted a Sony PULSE Wireless Headset review on Youtube at the beginning of the month, and I really can’t believe it but it has got a LOT of views! As of writing this I am at almost 4,200 (and a couple of marriage proposals in the comment section). If you haven’t seen it, the original blog post is here.

I’m loving spreading my wings a bit into other areas – please leave any suggestions in the comments below on topics you’d like to see me cover: whether it’s here, for Easy Mode, or even for Youtube!


Until next time!

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