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13 Mar

February was a crazy month here at The Geekmates household, but now that things have calmed down slightly we can get back to a more regular schedule! There are quite a few changes that have happened and are coming up in the near future, and I finally have a second to breathe and catch you up on everything : D


this does not help the productivity …

The newest incoming update is that I will be starting a new column to add to the Geekdates and Cheap Skates that already exist – it will be called the Geekmates Chic Traits! This column will focus on how to incorporate your awesome nerdery into your every day life – from t-shirts, to accessories, and everything in between! Something that I usually struggle with is how to wear my geek on my sleeve without feeling ridiculous in XXL swag t-shirts, so hopefully I can come up with some ideas and pass them on to you!

character-inspired outfits is one idea I want to get more involved in!

character-inspired outfits are something I want to try – this one from Looking Marvelous!

One of the biggest updates is that I am now writing for SonyRumors.net as an associate editor! Right now I’m just updating with editorials, but very soon this is going to turn into a biweekly column on things outside of Sony and gaming, and more about how to integrate your love for geekery and technology into your everyday life. I will be taking ideas from my Geekmates Geekdates and the new Chic Traits to help incorporate these into an advice column, where readers can ask questions about dating, fashion, or anything really, and get advice from someone who is in touch with both their girly side and their geeky side!

Finally, I have started the process of opening my own StoreEnvy shop! There are two crafty things that I love to make and are pretty good at: Usamimi headbands and Perler bead creations. So I thought – why not share them with you? Starting next month, I will be taking requests for custom perler bead figures. I will also be selling headbands, both pre-made as well as custom orders (depending on fabric availability). These are adorable and very versatile, so keep an eye out for when the store goes live!

I made these for my good friend Dave, who's a HUGE ME fan!

I made these for my good friend Dave, who’s a HUGE ME fan!

Until next time!

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  1. Jeremy Brown March 31, 2013 at 4:39 am #

    Crushing it. Congrats on the new adventures!

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